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The DUO Collection

a series of jewelry pieces that showcase the combination of two contrasting gemstones

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Bohemian chic

Bohemian chic fashion has its roots in the bohemian culture of the 19th century, which was characterized by a rejection of traditional societal norms and an embrace of free-spirited, non-conformist lifestyles. This cultural movement was associated with artists, writers, and intellectuals, who often dressed in a distinctive, eclectic style that was inspired by ethnic and vintage clothing.

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Enchanted Realm Jewelry

Jewelry has played a significant role in human history, serving as a symbol of power, status, and beauty. From ancient civilizations to modern times, jewelry has been crafted from a variety of materials and adorned with precious gemstones, each piece telling a unique story. In recent years, jewelry designers have found a new source of inspiration - fantasy and historical period TV shows.

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Every jewelry piece has its own branded Anna Mazman Green box and paper bag.