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Tassel Lariat Necklace with Quartz and Coral

Tassel Lariat Necklace with Quartz and Coral

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This Tassel Lariat Necklace is a unique blend of modern style and historic elegance. Featuring a gorgeous quartz gemstone and a striking coral bead accent, this necklace combines natural beauty with contemporary design. The lariat style has been a favorite for centuries, originating in ancient cultures such as the Greeks and Romans. It was also a staple in the traditional dress of nomadic tribes, where tassels and fringes were used to symbolize wealth and status.

Today, the Tassel Lariat Necklace is a popular choice for fashion-forward individuals who appreciate the versatility and sophistication of this timeless style. Whether worn long and flowing or wrapped multiple times around the neck, this necklace adds a touch of bohemian chic to any outfit. It's the perfect accessory for dressing up or keeping it casual, and makes a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.

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